New Pine Creek, Oregon.

Faris Store, State Line Motel & Bus Depot, ca. 1949.

This is on the west side of Highway 395.

New Pine Creek, Oregon.

Looking north into Oregon with the State Line sign to the right, ca. 1952.

Near Lakeview, Oregon.

Ahlstrom's Auto Camp on the Yellowstone Cut-off, ca. 1925.

This is Highway 395 now.

Abert Rim & Abert Lake, Lake County, Oregon

This is the largest exposed fault rift in the United States,

& it is 30 miles in length & 2500' in height with a sheer basalat

rimrock of 800' at the top. It is the old Yellowstone Cut-off

Highway, now Highway 395.

Abert Rim, Oregon.

The view looks east from the lake with a ranch in the distance, ca. 1952.

Abert Lake & Abert Rim.

This view looks north along Highway 395, ca. 1952.

                                                                                    Fort Rock, Oregon.    

                                                    The formation was brought about by a volcanic eruption form the

                                                   muddy floor of an inland pluvial seabed. The resulting effluent falling

                                                          back to the ground fell into a ring creating this formation.     

                                                   The formation is estimated to be 50,000 to 100,000 years old & it

                                                    was inhabited as long ago as 10,000 years. It is ca. 4500' across  

                                                           & 200' in height. It is just off of the Lakeview-La Pine

                                                                       Highway #31 west of Paisley. ca. 1945.