Bend, Oregon. North to Aubrey Butte.

             Bird's eye view from hospital hill water tower, 1905.

             Bend, Oregon. Wall Street east & Post Office, ca. 1945.

             Bend, Oregon. Wall Street & Post Office, ca. 1939.

          Bend, Oregon. Greenwood Avenue east from Bond Street.

                   Pilot Butte in the background, ca. 1947.

      Bend, Oregon. Wall Street west from Oregon Avenue, ca. 1938.

                    Bend, Oregon. East from Oregon Avenue.

                     Pilot Butte Inn in background, ca. 1938.

          Bend, Oregon. Wall Street west from Franklin Street, 1908.

                                       Bend, Oregon.

                Wall Street west from Oregon Avenue, ca. 1932.

    Bend, Oregon. Wall Street. West at Oregon Avenue, ca. 1940.

       Bend, Oregon. Wall Street east from Franklin Street, ca. 1937.

                    Bend, Oregon. Aearial view looking north.

                          Drake Park in the middle, 1940.

                 Bend, Oregon. Brooks Mill under construction.

           Taken from the green chain of the Shevling Hixon Mill

                          looking east to Pilot Butte, 1916.

     Bend, Oregon. Brooks Mill & millpond weir from Shevlin Mill, 1916.

                      Bend, Oregon. Pilot Butte Inn when new,

                          with Newport Avenue Bridge, 1916

       Bend, Oregon. This is now Tumalo Avenue looking toward the

       West Side,where the Galveston Avenue Bridge would be built;

               the future Drake Park is at the right, ca. 1910.

     Bend, Oregon. Drake Park & Mirror Pond looking west, ca. 1952.

             Bend, Oregon. James J. Hill, driving the golden spike

               for the completion of the Oregon Trunk Railway

               into Bend, October 5, 1911. Ole Hedlund photo.